New in Singapore, Vladyslav Buzko, is ready to take on the fast-paced multicultural city at Kuvo Singapore. A multi-award winning and seasoned mixologist with more than 6 years of experience around the world, Vladyslav will drive Elixir Bar at Kuvo to a new height bringing creative cocktails in beautiful presentation to the local cocktail lovers.

Vladyslav began his career as a bartender in Ukraine before joining many luxury hotels. Vladyslav has joined Elixir Bar at Kuvo as a mixologist after spending his last few years at helm of Gordon Ramsay – The St. Regis at Qatar and then Four Seasons DIFC hotel at Dubai.

Growing up in Ukraine, the country that is known for its orthodox churches, Black Sea coastline and forested mountains, Vladyslav was drawn to the beauty of rich colours and architecture. Those early days inspired his cocktail style by reimagining the historical architecture and beauty of nature to design the one-of-a-kind cocktail creations. Tapping both his experience in kitchen and behind the bar, Vladyslav provides a beautifully balanced cocktail with a refreshing usage of unexpected ingredients and techniques that turns drink to an unforgettable story. Vladyslav’s cocktails are exotic, glamorous and romance of world travel.

Guest of the Elixir Bar at Kuvo can rely on the Vladyslav to his bar tricks or strike up a friendly conversation that immediately puts the drink session at ease. “I don’t necessarily talk about wines and cocktails,’ said Vladyslav, who is just as happy recommending fashion tips and sharing his travel experiences. He wants his guests to know that there is no rush to order and a good cocktail must be enjoyable to the eyes and mouth.